Tips For New Dabbers: How To Use A Glass Dab Rig

Dabbing is a type of cannabis ingestion that has gone up in recognition during the last few years. It’s a wonderful strategy to get THC and CBD while not having to cigarette smoke something. Nevertheless, if you’re unfamiliar with dabbing, finding out how to utilize a dab rig might be difficult. This information will assist you from the fundamentals of making use of a glass dab rig!

Precisely What A Dab Rig Is

It really is a water pipe committed to marijuana concentrates. Concentrates are a lot more effective than usual weed buds, so a little bit should go very far. A dab rig generally makes up a tiny chamber along with a quartz, ceramic, or glass nail (or banger). You are applying heat for the nail using a torch prior to centering on the hot area. The concentrate vaporizes, and also you breathe in it throughout the mouthpiece while using it as an inhaler.

How To Use A Dab Rig

One thing you will need is a few marijuana focus. You can find this at the community dispensary. Once you have focused, it’s time for you to heat up the nail. The simplest way to do this is by using a butane torch. Hold the torch flame around the nail for a few mere seconds until it transforms red-colored popular. Then, utilize a dabber resource to position your attention to the nail. Breathe in slowly and deeply through the mouthpiece. You should begin to notice the results of the attention within a few minutes!

How You Can Nice and clean Your Dab Rig

The initial step would be to get rid of any left over completely focus from the nail having a dabber tool. Then, fill your sink with hot water and add some soap. Waggle the liquid about, and allow your dab rig relax for a few moments. After it has drenched, always rinse it well with clean water and let it oxygen free of moisture.


The bottom line is that by using a dab rig is a great way to take pleasure in cannabis concentrates. Using this information, you have to have no trouble starting out! I appreciate you looking at!

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